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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution ›

Despite your best intentions, things didn’t work out in 2013. Get heartfelt advice on how to keep your New Year’s Resolution for 2014.

Center Mount Snorkel Explained ›

Learn the benefits of using center mount swim snorkels and get advice on how to easily add them to your swim workout routine.

Conquering Swimming Cramps ›

Swimming cramps are common, disruptive distraction to swimmers. Robin Kiefer tells you how to treat & prevent them.

Choosing The Right Swimsuit – Do’s & Dont’s ›

With the countless number of swimsuits on the market, and the vast sources for purchasing one, swimmers of all shapes and sizes should be able to purchase an appropriate practice suit that is comfortable, supportive and sturdy.

Swim Workout Motivation – Wake Up! ›

Sometimes the hardest part of your workout is getting out of bed. Our schedules can get the best of us, and waking up can be a trick. Learn how to get the best of your schedule and get going!