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Why We Love Open Water Swimming (And You Should Too!) ›

Have you ever swam in open water? Pond, lake, or ocean? No. join in on the fun, here are some reasons to give it a try and join the rest of us who absolutely love it.

Safer Swimmer Open Water Swimming Buoy ›

Looking for safer, more enjoyable swimming in open water? Check out Robin Kiefer’s review of the Safer Swimmer Open Water Swim Buoy.

Saving Robin Kiefer – A Lifeguarding Story ›

Near drowning could happen to anyone – including a 6 year old Robin Kiefer. Hear how the “big, hard hero” owes it all to a lifeguard.

10 Quick Tips for Swim Sighting ›

Swim Sighting Technique – The Basics
Open water swim sighting is an essential skill to up your game in both triathlon and distance swimmer events. Here is some basic advice for beginners looking for a way to get started developing their approach to leveraging the benefits of practicing informed swim sighting.
Here are 10 quick … Read More ›

Accidental Lifeguards ›

Let’s Face It!
When heading out for a swim at the pool or beach, lifesaving is probably not on your mind. You’re most likely thinking about your swim workout, your next race, or perhaps most importantly: cooling off and having fun in the water. The most common safety concern on the minds of … Read More ›