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Swimming Lessons For Children: How To Help Your Child Learn To Swim ›

The first rule of swimming and the path to success is deciding your role as a parent before you dive in. What is the goal? Are you aiming for a safe swimmer in the water for fun and play? Or do you have an aspiring Olympian?
Children who are just learning to swim may thrive in … Read More ›

Warm Weather Safety ›

Learn how to make your summer safer and more fun with advice on sun exposure, swimming, and nutrition from Kiefer.

Learn To Swim Gear – Kiefer Paddler Product Review ›

Can Your Child Swim?
It’s already the middle of summer – has your little swimmer developed the confidence to jump in the water? As a parent, there is so much you can do to offer your own swim lessons and help your swimmer-in-training become self assure/aware enough to take the plunge.
To jump start learning, I recommend … Read More ›