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Kiefer Core Kickboard Product Review ›

Hey swimmers, have we got a new piece of training gear for you! Kiefer is excited to add the Kiefer Core Kickboard to our lineup of quality kickboards. Trust us – this board is different. And might I personally say, better than anything else out there.

Restringing Racing Lanes – The Fast Way! ›

Just as motorists must change flat tire, aquatics directors, coaches, and even team parents will likely face a lane rope restringing project. Learn how to quickly restring racing lanes (and add 15 meter markers) with expert advice from Kiefer.

How to Choose a Swim Cap ›

With a little help, choosing a swim cap is an easy task. Ultimately, your swim cap selection should complement your swimming activities feel great when you’re wearing it.
3 Basic Types of Swim Caps – How To Choose
There are three basic types of swim caps on the market. Kiefer carries a variety of colored and patterned … Read More ›

15 Meter Resurfacing Markers – The Underwater Swimming Rule ›

Explaining Swimming’s 15 Meter Mark
New swimmers, swim parents, coaches, and aquatics directors must all learn the 15 meter resurfacing rule or underwater 15 meter rule. Swimmers need to know this rule because breaking this regulation results in disqualification – ouch! Certain techniques used by swimmers cause them to spend more time swimming below the surface … Read More ›

Choosing Swimsuit Fabric ›

Is Swimwear Fabric Important?
Selecting the best swimsuit material for training or competition swimsuit suit can be tricky. Even after you’ve refined your search to a high quality swimsuit brand, such as Kiefer, Speedo, Arena, or Dolfin, many more considerations still need to be made. Will you choose a solid color or a print? … Read More ›