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Kiefer Core Kickboard Product Review ›

Hey swimmers, have we got a new piece of training gear for you! Kiefer is excited to add the Kiefer Core Kickboard to our lineup of quality kickboards. Trust us – this board is different. And might I personally say, better than anything else out there.

How to Choose a Swim Cap ›

With a little help, choosing a swim cap is an easy task. Ultimately, your swim cap selection should complement your swimming activities feel great when you’re wearing it.
3 Basic Types of Swim Caps – How To Choose
There are three basic types of swim caps on the market. Kiefer carries a variety of colored and patterned … Read More ›

Learn To Swim Gear – Kiefer Paddler Product Review ›

Can Your Child Swim?
It’s already the middle of summer – has your little swimmer developed the confidence to jump in the water? As a parent, there is so much you can do to offer your own swim lessons and help your swimmer-in-training become self assure/aware enough to take the plunge.
To jump start learning, I recommend … Read More ›

Choosing Swimsuit Fabric ›

Is Swimwear Fabric Important?
Selecting the best swimsuit material for training or competition swimsuit suit can be tricky. Even after you’ve refined your search to a high quality swimsuit brand, such as Kiefer, Speedo, Arena, or Dolfin, many more considerations still need to be made. Will you choose a solid color or a print? Despite … Read More ›

How to Choose Swim Fins ›

Question: Do you need to train with swim fins?
Answer: Only if you want to become a better swimmer.

Get help selecting the perfect fin!