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Raising a Swimmer – Part II: 11-12 Years ›

What can parents expect with a 11-12 child on the Swim Team? Find out what Swim Team Parenting looks – and what you swimmer can expect & achiveve!

Olympic Swimming Comebacks ›

Rio is just around the corner and we would love to see some of our favorite swimmers return to the Olympics in 2016. Explore the rumors…

Swim Parenting – Raising A Swimmer – 10 & Under ›

Swimming is an excellent sport that teaches incredible life lessons and instills virtuous qualities within its participants.

What is expected from young swimmers and the parents that raise them?

Center Mount Snorkel Explained ›

Learn the benefits of using center mount swim snorkels and get advice on how to easily add them to your swim workout routine.

Kiefer Krazies Product Review ›

Kiefer Krazies Swimwear History
Have you checked out Kiefer Krazies lately? In 2007, we introduced the first Krazy, offering swimmers a fun patterned suit at an unusually low price. The response from customers was excellent, and we quickly sold through this limited edition swimsuit.
Today we introduce new limited edition patterns throughout the year – the … Read More ›