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What To Look For When Choosing A One-Piece Swimsuit ›

Picking a swimsuit isn’’t really ever easy, but I’m here to help get you started.  First you should determine how much use this suit is going to get and in what conditions.
Will you be wearing it at an indoor pool or outside?  How many hours a week?  This will help you determine what fabric is … Read More ›

5 Ways Swimmers Self Sabotage ›

Take a minute to browse these potential scenarios so you can check yourself before you wreck yourself at competitions.

Parents: Here’s How To Find A Quality Swim Program For Your Child ›

Research is key in finding the right swim team and practice facility for your family and new swimmer. Whether your family and swimmer are in the sport of swimming for the long haul or just looking for a summer swim team, don’t just jump into the closest local program for convenience. Take some time and … Read More ›

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Swimmers ›

To help take your swimming to the next level, Kiefer’s own Emily Milak compiled a list of 7 habits effective swimmers have. Let us know which habit has been most beneficial in your swimming, and add your own to the list in the comments!

Swimming Lessons For Children: How To Help Your Child Learn To Swim ›

The first rule of swimming and the path to success is deciding your role as a parent before you dive in. What is the goal? Are you aiming for a safe swimmer in the water for fun and play? Or do you have an aspiring Olympian?
Children who are just learning to swim may thrive in … Read More ›