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Kiefer Krazies Product Review ›

Kiefer Krazies Swimwear History
Have you checked out Kiefer Krazies lately? In 2007, we introduced the first Krazy, offering swimmers a fun patterned suit at an unusually low price. The response from customers was excellent, and we quickly sold through this limited edition swimsuit.
Today we introduce new limited edition patterns throughout the year – the … Read More ›

Swim Workout Motivation – Wake Up! ›

Sometimes the hardest part of your workout is getting out of bed. Our schedules can get the best of us, and waking up can be a trick. Learn how to get the best of your schedule and get going!

Swim Fin Sizing Made Easy! ›

Proper swim fin sizing is easy!

Fitting fins shouldn’t be challenging or frustrating – Read this guide and learn how to get the perfect fit, every time.

Swimming Pool Backstroke Flags ›

Swim Flags are essential pool equipment, recommended for aquatics programs hosting swim practices, lap swimming, or swim meets. They are useful for swimmers, coaches, and aquatics directors – read on to learn what you need to know.

Kiefer Core Kickboard Product Review ›

Hey swimmers, have we got a new piece of training gear for you! Kiefer is excited to add the Kiefer Core Kickboard to our lineup of quality kickboards. Trust us – this board is different. And might I personally say, better than anything else out there.