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The Hidden Benefits of Swimming with Swim Fins ›

Gear. The essential additive to all things sport, swimming included of course!
Fins come in all shapes and sizes. There are sport-specific as well as leisure time fins. So, if you are doing laps in a pool the first thing you need to do is avoid scuba fins…that is unless you are … Read More ›

Why We Love Open Water Swimming (And You Should Too!) ›

Have you ever swam in open water? Pond, lake, or ocean? No. join in on the fun, here are some reasons to give it a try and join the rest of us who absolutely love it.

How to Motivate Yourself Before a Big Swim Meet ›

Competition is the time to reap the rewards of your hard work.  The hours, early mornings and long afternoons bear fruit when it comes time to race.  Your goals have been set, because without goals you have no direction.  But races are short, most are less than two minutes, and sessions are long and sprawling.  … Read More ›

3 Out-Of-The-Water Exercises that Strengthen Your Swimming Muscles ›

Protect your joints and muscles by keeping them strong and long out of the water. Here are three tips to help strengthen some of the most important muscles for swimmers.

5 Essential On-The-Go Foods Champion Swimmers Eat ›

So often swimmers or athletes in general are pressed for time.  Portability is a huge benefit to on the go nutrition and fuel during competition or post-workouts. Below are the 5 essential on-the-go foods champion swimmers should eat, and why they are so great.