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Beginner Swim Workout from Kiefer- March 2014

By Stacey Kiefer, Masters Swim Coach

March 2014

Beginner Swim Workout Description:

If you are new to swim fitness, or haven’t hit the pool in a while - have no fear! Kiefer is here to get you started. Once your strength, comfort, and endurance improves, consider progressing to our Kiefer Weekly Workouts- featured in both short and long versions.

25 = 1 x 25 yard length
50 = 2 lengths (1 lap, down and back in a 25 yard pool)
75 = 3 lengths
100 = 4 lengths (2 laps)

Beginner Workout*

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Warm up:
200 freestyle swim easy
200 IM - 25 kick (no kickboard)/25 drill of choice
4 x 25 - 1 each stroke, half length hard/half length easy

3 x 100 - best stroke, really hard - see if you can maintain your speed for all 3 - :30 rest

100 recovery, choice easy

4 x 75 IM = 25 butterfly/25 backstroke/25 breaststroke (no freestyle), moderate - :20 rest

100 recovery, get ready for the next FAST set

8 x 25 - FAST! Your choice of stroke, but must do at least 2 different strokes - :20 rest

300 completed as the following. Be fast switching your gear, no additional rest between pull and kick:
100 choice pull with buoy (no paddles)
100 freestyle kick with kickboard and fins
100 freestyle pull with buoy and paddles

1,800 yards TOTAL
As we add more stroke work, you should be feeling more comfortable doing sets that are non-free. Stay strong!

*Kiefer swim workouts are designed to inspire productive training with gratifying results. But, as you should with any workout program, please consult with your healthcare provider before you begin training.