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6" Bronze Slip Anchor Body Image
Backstroke Flip Turn - Inventing

6" Bronze Slip Anchor Body

Item # 700103
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700103 Can be installed at time of deck pour, flush with finish surface, or core drill into existing deck. For backstroke stanchions, recall posts, starting platforms, water basketball goals, water polo goals, and therapeutic ladder. Locking nut and ring set is available for anchoring starting platform.

Core drill 4 diameter by 7" deep for existing decks!

Do not set anchors for starting blocks w/o the equipment on hand!

Anchor body only!

Sold separately:
700103C - threaded cap or "spanner plug" for anchor
700103LN - threaded lock nut and Stainless Steel compression ring
700103K - key, or "spanner wrench" for threaded cap