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March April Kiefer Beginner Swim Workout

By Stacey Kiefer, Masters Swim Coach

March-April 2013

Beginner Swim Workout Description:


If you are new to swim fitness, or haven’t hit the pool in a while- have no fear! Kiefer is here to get you started. Once your strength, comfort, and endurance improves, consider progressing to our Kiefer Weekly Workouts- featured in both short and long versions.

25 = 1 x 25 yard length
50 = 2 lengths (1 lap, down and back in a 25 yard pool)
75 = 3 lengths
100 = 4 lengths (2 laps)

Beginner Workout*

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Warm up:
200 easy free
100 easy non-free (butterfly, backstroke, or breaststroke)
2 x 50 kick with kickboard - 1 freestyle kick, 1 breaststroke kick
2 x 50 pull with pull buoy - 1 freestyle pull, 1 backstroke pull

100 build-up (start slow and get faster with each length) freestyle - :10 rest
75 build-down (start fast and get slower with each length) non-freestyle - :10 rest
50 moderate freestyle - :10 rest
25 as hard you can swim, your choice of stroke

1 minute rest

Your choice of stroke for the below set:
6 x 25 kick odds hard, evens moderate with kickboard - :10 rest
1 minute rest
6 x 25 pull odds hard, evens moderate with pull buoy - :10 rest
1 minute rest
6 x 25 swim odds hard, evens moderate - :10 rest
1 minute rest

150 really easy cool down

1,350 yards TOTAL
This was your third beginner workout. Did you feel fast? Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and have a healthy snack after this workout.


*Kiefer swim workouts are designed to inspire productive training with gratifying results. But, as you should with any workout program, please consult with your healthcare provider before you begin training.