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January-February Kiefer Beginner Swim Workout

By Stacey Kiefer, Masters Swim Coach

January-February, 2013

Beginner Swim Workout Description:

If you are new to swim fitness, or haven’t hit the pool in a while- have no fear! Kiefer is here to get you started. Once your strength, comfort, and endurance improves, consider progressing to our Kiefer Weekly Workouts- featured in both short and long versions.

25 = 1 x 25 yard length
50 = 2 lengths (1 lap, down and back in a 25 yard pool)
75 = 3 lengths
100 = 4 lengths (2 laps)

Beginner Workout*

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100 freestyle easy
100 backstroke easy

6 x 50 freestyle - you are naturally going to want to start fast and will feel yourself lose speed and tire quickly. Use this set to find what speed is comfortable for you to maintain. Take :15 rest after each 50, but try to hold the same time for all 6. If you can’t hold the same pace, don’t worry...just start a little slower next time.

1 x 100 your choice of stroke, easy

4 x 25 kick with kickboard, keep the kickboard stretched out in front of your body - :10 rest

4 x 25 kick on your back, in streamline position, no kickboard - :10 rest

8 x 25 pull with buoy - free or back - think about your form, keep your stroke long - :10 rest

1 x 100 your choice of stroke easy

1,100 yards TOTAL

GOOD JOB - you have completed the first workout! Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and have a healthy snack after this workout.


*Kiefer swim workouts are designed to inspire productive training with gratifying results. But, as you should with any workout program, please consult with your healthcare provider before you begin training.